Why i chose question.

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i chose the questions that i chose because i knew the answers and i thought that it was a good mixture of things a new Australian needs to know. It is a good length and will test them intently.


Australian Citizenship Test

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General Knowledge 

Who is the Australian Prime Minister?

a)      Kevin Rudd

b)      John Howard

c)      Peter Costello

How many states and territories does Australia have?

a)      2 states, 6 territories

b)      6 states, 2 territories

c)      4 states, 4 territories

What is the capital of Australia?

a)      Melbourne

b)      Sydney

c)      Canberra 


Who was the first Australian Prime Minister?

      a)      Edmund Barton

b)      Alfred Deakin

c)      John So


When didAustralia federate?

a)      1901

b)      1900

c)      1905

When did the first fleet land?

a)      1788

b)      1877

c)      1765

When was the eureka stockade?

a)      1854

b)      1850

c)      1864


How many times has Australia hosted the Olympics?

a)      2

b)      4

c)      1 

Which team won the 2006 AFL grand final?

a)      Sydney Swans

b)      Hawthorn Hawks

c)      West Coast Eagles 

Who is the captain of the Australian cricket team?

a)      Ricky Ponting

b)      Adam Gilchrist

c)      Luke Hodge  Myths and Legends 

Who was Ned Kelly?

a)      A policeman

b)      A bushranger

c)      A prime minister

What does A.N.Z.A.C stand for?

a)      Association of New Zealand and Australian Cadets

b)      Australia and New Zealand Assistance Commission

c)      Australia and  New Zealand Army Corps 

What Date did the ANZAC’s land at Gallipoli?

a)      25th April 1915

b)      26th January 1915

c)      22nd June 1915


In which state or territory is the famous landmark Uluru (Ayers Rock)?

a)      Western Australia

b)      Southern Territory

c)      Northern Territory 

Where is the
Great Barrier Reef situated?

a)      Off the  Queensland coast

b)      Off the New South Wales coast

c)      Off the Western Australia coast

When was the  Sydney Harbour Bridge opened?

a)      February 31st 1932

b)      April 20th 1932

c)      March 19th 1932

The “Australian” language What does G’day stand for?

a)   Good dayb)      Great day

c)      God day

What is the national Australian Language?

a)      English

b)      German

c)      Mandarin

When someone says “Noah’s Ark” in rhyming slang they mean…

a)      A shark

b)      Noah’s Ark

c)      What a markAustralian music 

What is the Australian National Anthem?

a)      Advance  Australia Fair

b)      Waltzing Matilda

c)      Working Class Man

Which of these is not an Australian band?

a)      ACDC

b)      The Who

c)      Midnight Oil

Answers in red


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Surviving Conflict/ Death-  Henry goes through many conflicts as well but he just let them coast by and doesnt really care if they fail, like his relationship with Marcelle, the breaking down of the car. He also has to deal with the death of Trot.

Rites of passage- Henry goes through many different things to get his rite of passsage. He is allowed to take his mum’s car and go on a trip by himself to a mates beach house and sailboard. He also has to go through the death of a very dear friend which built his character.

Australian Identity- Henry is very easy-going, doesn’t care if his relationships fail or how long it takes for the car to get fixed. He fits into the stereotype that australian are easy-going and don’t have a care in the world.

Andy:Surviving Conflict/ Death-   Andy suvives many conflicts during the war, but eventually he cannot escape death. Andy left his whole life to join the war, he found out that he had had a baby with Frances-Jane and unlike Henry he says he will confront it but dies before he gets the chance.

Rites of passage- Andy goes to war, leaves his family behind and fathers a baby. These things all contribute to the earning of his rite of passage.

Australian Identity-  Andy is an ANZAC, the ANZAC’s are a big part of australian identity, her fought for his country and died for his country.

Australian Citizenships Test

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  1. What is the cartoon at the top of this post suggesting about the citizenship test?

     It is suggesting that the test is to keep certain people out of our country, a racist test!

    2.   What are some of the reasons given for the introduction of the citizenship test?

it was introduced so that people wanting to migrate to Australia know something about our culture and our labguage.

    3.   What are some reasons given for people who are against the idea of the citizenship?

This test could undermine multiculturalism and create division in the community.

     4.   Which arguments do you find more convincing? Explain why.

i find the arguments for the test more convincing. i think that people wanting to become australian citizens should know about our culture and know how to speak our language

      5.   What was the White Australia Policy? Research.

The white australia policy was when the government decided that australia should only be a white nation with no coloured people including aboriginals, africans, asians. all nationalities not white. This was when they tried to breed out the aboriginals.




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I have thought long and hard about what it means to be Un-Australian, it’s not the colour of your skin, its not the footy/cricket team you go for, it’s your attitude. An Australian is not racist for we are a multi-cultural society. An Australian is laid back and embraces everyone around them. An Australian cares wether their team wins or loses but its not worth  a riot over. It is Un-Australian to work on a Sunday and not just lay back and enjoy strating the “serenity”. It is un-australian to not invite your friends around for a BBQ and not have an esky filled with beer for the grand final (footy, rugby, cricket, soccer, any sporting event). And it is very Un-Australian to ban an add with a very good looking girl in a bikini in it just becuase she says “Bloody”. Bloody poms!!

That is what I Ryan Stanley Belive is Un-Australian